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;Bl. Hristo Botev, 3th District, Bucharest










SC ArchiBau LTD trading company is a Romanian legal entity established in 2006, being a trading company with private capital, organized as a limited liability company.

The company registered offices are in: Bucharest , 3th District, 5 Hristo Botev Blvd.

The office includes the latest technology (computers, plotter, fax machine, printer, and adequate furniture) as well as the necessary software to carry out the line of business.

The authorized share capital subscribed and fully deposited on the company establishment date amounts to RON 50000, contribution in cash, held by the two associates,Related to the above, the company has a pending increase of the authorized share capital with the Trade Register.

The company management is provided by:

Arch. DAVID TIBERIU PhD, company administrator, an architect and urban planner, graduated from ION MINCU INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE – BUCHAREST , class of 1979, with over 30 years of experience.

The company line of trade was outlined from the very beginning: design activities for architecture and urban planning, real estate development and promotion, urban buildings, restoration of old buildings, preparation of Urban Planning documentation for all categories and territory arrangement. Our company’s strength is represented by the professionalism and a lifetime professional expertise in Romania and abroad of Mr. David Tiberiu, our company administrator.

SC ArchiBau LTD Company is actually a natural continuation of Tiberio D.  Architects and Town planning Ltd company from Tel Aviv.

Thus, starting from the idea that architectural design is an intellectual creation, based not only on knowledge acquired in college and in practice, but also on a continuous awareness and sedimentation of all new details regarding the technical, artistic and practical use of the newest construction technologies and materials, with new visions on architectural assemblies, we can say that ArchiBAU Ltd Company is not just another supplier of design services, but a company with a very high sense of professionalism, the projects delivered by us including a lot of intellectual activity, besides the raw materials used.

The company provides specialized assistance and consulting services to clients throughout the entire project, both with regard to counseling in the selection of the best and latest materials, and to providing technical counseling to help the constructors.

Throughout the entire period of construction and arrangement, the company architect is available on site to provide assistance and obtain maximum possible results.

Another strength of our services is represented by the responsibility and punctuality in our relationship with the clients.

Even from the establishment, our company had contracts in progress with various objectives: housing buildings, hotels, shopping galleries and urban planning documentations.

ArchiBAU Ltd is well-known in Bucharest with a solid reputation based on a special quality of design works in architecture / urban planning.

The company administrator is also the associate with the most consistent participation in the company authorized share capital, namely Mr. David Tiberiu. Incidentally, Mr. David Tiberiu has a strong affective relation to Braila town, maybe the strongest relation – compared to all the other towns where he placed his signature as an architect in various institutions.

Following the graduation from "ION MINCU" Institute of Architecture in Bucharest , Mr. David Tiberiu started his apprenticeship in Braila town, back in 1979, and, fueled by the enthusiasm characteristic to youth in those years, made a major contribution to the urban development of Braila town.

The projects created by ArchiBAU Ltd met the requirements of a large category of projects, observing the norms and legislation in force, according to each job specific requirements.

ARCHIBAU Company was active on the Romanian real estate market even from the establishment. The financial results registered each year indicate the positive trend as a profitable company, registering profits each year. Our company strictly observes financial liabilities towards the state budget, its employees or collaborators, direct and in due time payment.

ARCHIBAU Company had never been subject to investigation or lawsuit of any kind, such as fraud, corruption, involvement in illegal activities or against the national interest, recovery of payments of any kind, etc.

Our company has qualified personnel working on a contractual basis with professionals in this field, with high qualifications, or with design and construction strength calculation companies, technical and hygiene installations, electrical systems, lawyer’s office for legal counseling, accounting company, our company having no prejudices in selecting employees or collaborators.

The sole criterion involved in selecting our staff and collaborators is professional competence in coordination with work prices, and not political, ideological, race or gender criteria.